Food writing

Diana thinks about food all the time. She devotes her working days to trialling new recipes and experimenting with variations on old favourites, reads recipe books in bed, and dreams about food when she sleeps.

For many years, her friends and family were the main beneficiaries of this passion. However, in 2006 she was offered a weekly column in the Food & Wine section of The Canberra Times.  Initially titled Vegetarian Kitchen and with content to match, the column expanded in time to cover meat and fish dishes too, under the Cook this Week banner. She retired from her position as a regular contributor in 2015 following a milestone birthday.

Always the perfectionist, Diana has created and at least triple-tested hundreds of recipes during her time as a food writer, and for decades before that as she cooked for family. Throughout her time writing for Fairfax, she styled the dishes for photographers herself, timing the cooking to ensure images were captured the minute the food was served. She painstakingly documents the process for each recipe she develops, ensuring instructions are clear, measurements accurate and ingredient lists complete. 

Diana is most often to be found cooking Mediterranean or Middle Eastern food, but has cooked everything from Polish to Japanese cuisine. You will find dishes from Algeria, Greece, Armenia, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, the Ukraine, Britain, the US and Vietnam on this website in the months and years to come.

She is a passionate believer in using fresh, seasonal produce. She also likes to mark special occasions on the world calendar by cooking and sharing recipes for appropriate traditional dishes. Diana’s inspiration comes from everywhere: the season, a particular ingredient, the suggestion of a friend or family member, an idea or memory, a restaurant meal, cookbooks, the internet and television. 

The content on this blog will include revised versions of Diana’s most popular previously published recipes as well as all-new dishes created especially for readers here.