Author: dlampe

Tomato risotto

Today we travel to the Lombardy region of Northern Italy for a tasty tomato risotto. Tomatoes were introduced into Europe from the New World in the sixteenth century. Initially viewed with suspicion, the Italians were the first to use and appreciate them. In France they became known as pomme d’amore […]


Vegetable stock (basic recipe)

Homemade vegetable stock is a great ingredient to have on hand for soups, sauces, pilaffs and risotto. It is not difficult to make and once the vegies and water have been brought to the boil it really looks after itself. Avoid using strongly flavoured vegetables in stock such as cabbage, […]


About silverbeet or chard

Silverbeet is a variety of Beta vulgaris and is closely related to beetroot. In France it is known as blettes, in Britain as chard and in the USA as Swiss chard. It is a versatile vegetable commonly used in Mediterranean cooking. Both the leaves and stalks can be used individually. […]